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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 20

Episode 20 • Learning To Fail

Not In Love - Olin and The Moon

Not In Love

Olin and The Moon

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Nate continues sleeping as Haley tosses a flower into their fountain; Katie watches Clay & Quin sleeping; Brooke complains about Julian's constant work interuptions as they have a romantic bath; Alex catches up Millie on new from the gallery opening; Grubbs urges Miranda to consider marriage.

Flying Machine - Everly

Flying Machine


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Nate listens to Haley's song while he gets ready to go for a run; Jamie asks Haley for breakfast.

July Flame - Laura Veirs

July Flame

Laura Veirs

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Mouth asks Brooke about Victoria & Alexander, and she encourages him to make up with Skills; Lauren tells Skills their relationship didn't end just because of geography.

Sunlight - Turtle Giant


Turtle Giant

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Brooke confronts Victoria about her affair with Alexander; Josh asks Alex not to mention his kiss; Alex tells Juilan & his father that Josh is gay.

Dance So Good - Wakey!Wakey!

Dance So Good


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Grubbs & Miranda dance & he brings up marriage again; repeats as Grubbs records the vocal track for his song & Miranda realizes the song is about her; Alex returns Julian's watch, then he asks Alex why she let the sex tape be released; Nate reassures Jamie that Haley's not mad at him.

Love's Not Worth It - Lee and Willbee

Love's Not Worth It

Lee and Willbee

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Quinn & Clay discuss the Katie problem; Millie talks to Mouth about his fight with Skills & his relationship with Skills.

Beat The Devil's Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Beat The Devil's Tattoo

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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Grubbs & Nate talk about women; Miranda asks Nate if he's seen Haley; Clay tries to get information abbout Katie; Katie smashes the photo of Clay.

Beat Through - Turtle Giant

Beat Through

Turtle Giant

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Jamie & Skills go to lunch & talk about Lauren; Brooke tells Julian about the top two current scandals.

My Heart Still Beats For You - Anna Ternheim

My Heart Still Beats For You

Anna Ternheim

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Skills & Millie talk about starting over; Grubbs works on his lyrics; Miranda demands Haley get back to the video shoot; Clay meets with Katie's roommate; Quinn finds Clay's smashed photo at her gallery; Haley yells at Jamie for dropping the bowl of dumpling dough.

The Heart Won't Be Denied - Colin Devlin

The Heart Won't Be Denied

Colin Devlin

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Brooke & Julian have their own 'unwrap' party; Mouth tells Lauren he can't have a relationship with her because of Skills; Haley sets her piano on fire; Clay & Quinn look at the ruined photo as Katie watches a video of Sarah & Clay's wedding; Nate puts out the fire & asks Haley what happened.



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