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Episode 22

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Season 7

Episode 22 • Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You

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Skills uses his coat to get everyone into a club; Clay tells Quinn to stop worrying about Haley; Alex flirts with Chase; Skills sends Quinn back to Clay & complains about her dance abilities.

Timshel - Mumford and Sons

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Haley remembers her time with Nathan as she sinks to the bottom of the pool; Nathan pulls Haley to the surface.

Golden Love - Midnight Youth

Golden Love

Midnight Youth

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Brooke surprises Julian with a poster of his movie; Clay suggests to Quinn that they invite Haley & Nate to Julian's movie premiere; Haley tells Jamie they're going to the movie premiere.

Don't Wake Up - The Kissaway Trail

Don't Wake Up

The Kissaway Trail

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Mia encourages Grubbs to write one more song; Quinn seduces Clay; Alex climbs into bed with Josh & asks him if he ever thinks about coming out; Nate & Haley talk by the fire & she thanks him for all the support he's given her.

Off Track - The Features

Off Track

The Features

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The gang arrive in Utah; Skills shows Mouth his new coat; the guys play in the snow with Jamie.

Poor Boy - Blind Pilot

Poor Boy

Blind Pilot

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Quinn & Haley walk in the woods and talk about their mom & reincarnation; Jamie crawls into his snow fort; Chase & Alex talk on the ski lift; Haley joins Jamie in his snow fort & she invites him to go shopping with her.

Light Outside - Wakey!Wakey!

Light Outside


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Grubbs records a song for his album; Haley watches as everyone else joins in a snowball fight.

Almost Everything - Wakey!Wakey!

Almost Everything


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The film is sold for three million; Josh backs down from revealing he's gay; Grubbs records another song; Haley sits alone in the snow fort; the guys take turns jumping off the balcony; Brooke & Quinn join Haley in the fort.

The Temporary Blues - The Features

The Temporary Blues

The Features

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Quinn gets locked out of the cabin while in her bathing suit, then walks down to the pub to demand the spare key from Clay; Jamie finds his the suit he wants as Haley tries on a dress.

New Year - The Kissaway Trail

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Julian & Brooke leave for the premiere; Paul introduces the film; Alex joins Julian outside as he paces back and forth; Jamie & Julian go for a drink; Jamie gives Julian an update on the film; the film gets a standing ovation.

Carry You Home

Nashville Skyline

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Julian proposes to Brooke; Haley tells Nate she'll be okay; everyone goes sledding; Alex puts up a poster for the movie in her hotel room, then asks Chase out just before he receives a text from Mia; Brook & Julian snuggle on the couch; Haley tells Nate she's pregnant; Clay tells Quinn that without her he'd be lost; Katie shoots Quinn & Clay.

How Long? - Jarrod Gorbel

How Long?

Jarrod Gorbel

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Skills & Jamie find Mouth passed out in a snow drift; Josh tells Alex he's going to come out to his parents, then Alex tells Josh her real name; Grubbs leaves the studio; Haley sees a owl in the forest.


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