Jarrod Gorbel - TV & Movie Placements

The following is the complete list of all 8 movies and tv shows that Jarrod Gorbel have been heard or featured in.

  • A Moment Of Peace
    Clay drags Nathan to see Danny Howard still practicing at 3 am; Clay returns home to find a new recliner wating for him, then is joined by Quinn; Brooke tells Julian waiting for the twins is like Christmas Eve; Haley finds Nathan sitting with his children.
  • Don't Want This To End
    Hanna tells Caleb she'll convince her mom he can stay; Aria shows up at Ezra's apartment to discuss her dad's invitation & the play.
  • 10 Years Older
    Brooke sends Haley home; the guys discuss their nicknames; Haley checks for messages at the crisis center; Julian wins the last hand; Brooke looks around the expo for Sylvia & finds her passed out.
  • Take Me To Heaven
    Clay gives Nathan tips on being a sports agent; Millie brings Mouth a miniature pumpkin & asks him if he wants to hang out after the party; Chase tells Mouth that Millie likely thinks they are getting back together; Chase tells Mia not to pretend to care; Haley gets another phone call at the crisis hotline from Erin.
  • Devilish Ways
    Haley agrees that Nathan avoids things, then he tells her he finally talked to Clay about his career; Haley tells Nathan that she set up a gig for Mia; Brooke & Mia interrupt Haley & Nathan kissing; Nathan asks Brooke how she's doing with Victoria in prison; Nathan asks Clay to let him help with his clients.
  • I'll Do Better
    Haley drops by to tell Brooke that she's pregnant; Chase tells Alex about Mia's text, then Alex offers to bartend at TRIC; Clay & Quinn decide to go skinny dipping in the ocean; Julian & Brooke discuss Haley's pregnancy , then Brooke is arrested.
  • How Long?
    Skills & Jamie find Mouth passed out in a snow drift; Josh tells Alex he's going to come out to his parents, then Alex tells Josh her real name; Grubbs leaves the studio; Haley sees a owl in the forest.
  • Optimism
    Jamie & Quinn continue working on their treasure hunt; Julian joins up with Alex & Chase at TRIC, then Chase shows Julian his break up message from Mia, just before she arrives.