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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 15

Episode 15 • Valentine's Day Is Over

Rhythm Of Love - Plain White T's

Rhythm Of Love

Plain White T's

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Haley steals Jamie's Valentine's Day candies; Brooke & Julian discuss calling the plumber; Quinn joins Clay in the shower; Haley & Nathan talk about their Valentine's Day plans.

For You - Forbidden Friends

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Jamie watches as Haley searches for the present Nathan got her; Chuck meets Chase at TRIC; Mouth asks Millie for help with making a demo for a field reporter position.

Castle - Timmy Curran

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Quinn & Clay talk about Valentine's Day plans; Jamie & Quinn shop for presents.

Pressure - Quadron



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Mouth interviews Millie for his demo tape; Brooke & Julian continue their role playing.

The Girl (Acoustic) - City and Colour

The Girl (Acoustic)

City and Colour

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Performed for Quinn & Clay; Jamie & Madison exchange Valentine's day gifts at the arcade; Nathan gives Haley a different gift from the one she was expectingrepeats as Julian tells Brooke he thinks they should adopt; Millie gets a call from the tv station.

Heart Beats Slow - So and So

Heart Beats Slow

So and So

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Clay & Nathan approach Ian Kellerman about signing with them.

I Can See - Sierra Noble

I Can See

Sierra Noble

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Brooke tells Julian to call the pizza guy; Mouth & Millie exchange gifts; Clay surprises Quinn with an exclusive dinner at TRIC.

God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise

Ray LaMontagne and The Pariah Dogs

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Haley puts her present back in it's hiding place; Chuck works on a card for his mom as he tells Chase he plans to sing his song at school; Chase wakes up Chuck's mom.

The Northern Wind (Acoustic)

City and Colour

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Performed as Chase drives Chuck home; Nathan surprises Haley with a romantic evening.

We're Gonna Make It

Michael May

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Chuck sings one of his show tunes for Chase; Jamie finishes the card he made for Madison; Quinn gets ready for her evening; Brooke & Julian cuddle on the couch.


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