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Episode 16

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Season 8

Episode 16 • I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

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Haley & Quinn look at old family photos; Brooke wraps a present; Clay & Nathan wait for Ian; Jamie sits around in his baseball uniform; Millie gets ready for work; Julian reassures Brooke about their adoption interview; Haley shows Jamie her 'Team Scott' uniform.

Easy - Arnold



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Quinn tells Clay about her present for Haley, then complains about Haley's continual phone calls; Julian & Brooke are interviewed to be prospective adoptive parents.

Strings - Young the Giant

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The guys talk about siblings & parental expectations; Julian tells the guys about the adoption interview; Haley names Brooke as her 'designated drinker'.

Everything Will Be Alright - Matt Wertz

Everything Will Be Alright

Matt Wertz

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Brooke invites Chloe to join the baby shower; the girls continue asking Quinn about a possible engagement.

Boys Around Here - Fences

Boys Around Here


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The guys ask Ian about his relationship with his parents.

Carrying The Torch - Generationals

Carrying The Torch


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Haley & Nathan talk about Jamie's first day playing baseball; Quinn asks Brooke for help stalling Haley; Julian heads off to help with Jamie's little league team; Nathan & Clay work with Chuck.

Heights Of Diamond - Adam Haworth Stephens

Heights Of Diamond

Adam Haworth Stephens

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Clay & Nathan take Julian to meet with Ian; Haley's baby shower starts.

Royal Blue - Cold War Kids

Royal Blue

Cold War Kids

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Chuck strikes out, then Jamie's goes up to bat; Millie complains to Mouth about all the work she has to do as field reporter; Nathan & Clay hand out uniforms to the team; Quinn tries to get Haley over to Brooke's for the party; the guys eat ice cream.

Thin Air - Aqualung

Thin Air


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Haley makes a toast to Brooke & thanks her for saving Jamie's life; Brooke tells Chloe the truth about her life.

Crazy Ride - Michelle Branch

Crazy Ride

Michelle Branch

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Mouth helps Millie practice for her job; Brooke tells Julian about Chloe & the baby shower; Haley tells Nathan she wants to name the baby Lydia;

Talking To Yourself - The Russians

Talking To Yourself

The Russians

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Ian tells the guys that his father never understood him.


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