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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 2

Episode 2 • In The Room Where You Sleep

We're Gonna Make It

Michael May & Tyler Hilton

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Chase finds Chuck & Chris singing together.

What I Love About Your Love - Jana Kramer

What I Love About Your Love

Jana Kramer

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Alex & Chris listen to a remix of her song; repeats as they relisten to the song & Chris tells her she has to go on tour.

You And Me - Ben Rector

You And Me

Ben Rector

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Nathan surprises Jamie, then Jamie thanks him for letting Dan stay with them.

Sad - Daphne Willis

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Dr. Hudson suggests to Clay that he see a psychiatrist; Quinn & Clay argue about him going to a psychiatrist.

Where You Are - The Submarines

Where You Are

The Submarines

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Brooke & Julian wake up and realize the twins aren't crying, then find Victoria making breakfast & watching the twins.

Box Of Stones - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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Brooke's dad finally shows up for breakfast, then tells her he's already found an investor & he doesn't want Victoria involved; Clay tells Quinn, Nathan & Jamie he plans to handcuff himself to bed while in Europe; Nathan informs Haley that he has to go to Europe because of Clay's sleeping disorder.

Kickin' My Heels

Tyler Hilton

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Alex looks at all her stuff in Chase's apartment, then interrupts Chris' singing to tell him she wants to go on tour; Clay walks out of the pharmacy without his prescription; Nathan & Haley discuss Dan; Dan & Jamie play cards; Nathan tells Dan he has to be gone by the time he returns from Europe.

I Can See You Shine - Gabe Dixon

I Can See You Shine

Gabe Dixon

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Clay tells Quinn he just wants things to go back to normal.

Real - Amy May

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Chase surprises Alex by moving all her stuff into his place, then later Alex tells him she loves him; Brooke tells Julian she loves him because he puts up with all the madness in their lives.

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Millie & Mouth finish a cooking segment; Julian warns Brooke of Victoria's rantings about her father.

Following Footsteps - Greg Holden

Following Footsteps

Greg Holden

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Alex visits Julian at his sound stage to ask him for advice about going on tour & her relationship with Chase; Millie tries to convince Mouth to go for a run with her.



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