DJ Shadow - List of Songs

Has 29 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Resident - Poster
Conrad sees three dummy cases from Ellen, Devon, and Irving as a prank.
The Umbrella Academy - Poster
The scene opens on Luther in a boxing ring, getting punched by his opponent.
Good Boys - Poster
The boys run away from the cop. Continues when they arrive at the highway.
Deadpool 2 - Poster
Wade and Weasel interview prospective X-Force members.
Pacific Rim Uprising - Poster
Plays during Jake's post-acapolyptic world monologue in the beginning of the movie.
Love, Simon - Poster
Plays in Nick's car as Abby looks for a song to play.
Lethal Weapon - Poster
A motorcycle driving down a winding road is aggresively blocked by a pickup, then when the rider stops he's run over by the truck.
Furious 7 - Poster
Exterior shots of Tokyo, Twinkie informs Sean about Dom knowing Han.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Julian sends the video to Jamie, then takes a copy of the video to Dan; Dan watches the video Nathan sent to Jamie; Clay's therapists asks how he feels about children.
Parenthood - Poster
Joel and Julia are getting Sydney ready for school.