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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 3

Episode 3 • Love The Way You Lie

Airhead (There's the Moment) - Right The Stars

Airhead (There's the Moment)

Right The Stars

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Victoria asks Brooke to be careful while getting into business with her father; Julian tries to line up a new production to film on his sound stage; Haley talks to Chase about Alex & her tour, then Chuck joins them.

If I Wanted Someone - Dawes

If I Wanted Someone


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Chase destroys Alex's poster; Quinn wakes up and to find Clay making her breakfast; Jamie helps Haley at the cafe.

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Chris interviews prospective interns.

Bubble Shaker - Tarik NuClothes

Bubble Shaker

Tarik NuClothes

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Chris takes Chase to a strip club.

It's Alright - Waterdeep

It's Alright


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Dan gives Haley on tip on how to make a good burger; Brooke returns home & complains to Victoria about what Ted did;

Dancing On A Comet's Tail


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Julian dances around his sound stage.

Colors - April Smith and The Great Picture Show

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Haley drags Chris into the cafe kitchen and puts him to work cooking; Brooke meets her father at the golf club and gets thrown into a meeting with potential investors; while on tv Millie tells Mouth he's fat.

Great Move North - Faces On Film

Great Move North

Faces On Film

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Quinn tells Haley about Clay not picking up his prescription and lying to her, then Chris offers his opinion; Mouth complains to Millie about his shirt not fitting; Brooke stops in at the cafe; Chase confronts Chris over sending Alex on tour; Chris gives Chuck his bracelet; Dan checks out Nathan's basketball memorabilia.

Be No Lie - The Wooden Birds

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Quinn takes photos of Clay meeting with a guy; a customer confronts Haley about having 'murderer' Dan cooking in her cafe.

Unless I'm Led - Mates of State

Unless I'm Led

Mates of State

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Haley discovers that Dan is working in the cafe kitchen; Quinn installs a tracking app on Clay's phone; Brooke tells the potential investors about the inspiration for her new clothing line.

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Chris gets a lap dance, then tells Chase that Alex would have left him eventually even without the tour.

Yours And Mine - Brooke Annibale

Yours And Mine

Brooke Annibale

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Dan thanks Haley for defending her; Ted informs Brooke that her Baker Man clothing line officially has financial backing; Julian buys scotch; Quinn confronts Clay about buying drugs.

Tamer Animals - Other Lives

Tamer Animals

Other Lives

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Chase & Chris toast to not liking each other; Clay looks at the photos Quinn took of him; Mouth goes to the testing session without Millie; Clay apologizes to Quinn for lying about the drugs; Haley thanks Dan for his help; Julian gets a call from Brooke asking why he didn't drop off Davis at daycare.


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