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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 5

Episode 5 • The Killing Moon

I Can See The Light - Right The Stars

I Can See The Light

Right The Stars

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Chuck asks Chris if he'll come meet his dad.

Where I Can't Follow - Amy Kuney

Where I Can't Follow

Amy Kuney

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Haley leaves Nathan another message then asks Dan if he can watch the kids; Julian tells Brooke the police aren't going to press charges against him; Chuck finds Chase & Tara in bed together.

Litost - Ambassadors

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Clay's doctor tells him he has a 'dissociative fugue disorder'; Julian straps the twins into his vehicle; Quinn arrives to watch the kids as Haley tries phoning Nathan again.

Mothers - S. Carey


S. Carey

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Chase tells Chuck that Chris can't make it, then they play basketball; Julian shows Brooke the note he found on his windshield; Clay tells Quinn about the doctor's diagnosis.

Free My Mind - Katie Herzig

Free My Mind

Katie Herzig

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Tara berates one of her employees; Chase referees between Brooke & Tara.

Midnight Starlight - Jason Walker

Midnight Starlight

Jason Walker

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Jamie plays in the pool as Dan asks Quinn how she & Clay are doing; Chase advises Chris to keep his promise to meet Chuck's dad; Julian tells Brooke about his visit to the doctor, then she suggests he go see a movie.

No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine

No Light, No Light

Florence + the Machine

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Brooke figures out that Tara left the note on Julian's windshield; Julian gets into a bar fight; Brooke trashes Tara's diner; Haley confronts Dan about his lies then she calls the police.

Thorn Castles - Gardens and Villa

Thorn Castles

Gardens and Villa

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Millie asks Brooke if she actually knows how to use the espresso machine, then Tara comes by with a 'friend request' / gift plant.

Greenleaf - Generationals



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Millie shows Brooke how to use the cafe's espresso machine, the cockroaches start crawling out of the plant Tara brought over.


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