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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 6

Episode 6 • Catastrophe And The Cure

Black Eyes - Radical Face

Black Eyes

Radical Face

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Millie & Mouth read a story about Brooke's destruction of Tara's cafe; Julian admits to Brooke that he started the bar fight that got his face beat up; Haley wonder where Nathan is as Dan is questioned by the police.

Restless - Switchfoot



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Mouth visits Clay to tell him about Nathan's disappearance; Quinn updates Haley on what the police are doing to find Nathan; Julian asks Dan if he can him search for Nathan; Clay leaves the clinic.

My Demons Are Organized - Cameron McGill and What Army

My Demons Are Organized

Cameron McGill and What Army

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Tara stops by the cafe to gloat to Brooke about her busy cafe; Dan tries to convince Haley he doesn't have anything to do with Nathan's disappearance.

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Chris drags Chase to the strip club.

Run - Elenowen

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Chris apologizes to Chase for his part in Alex leaving; Clay tells his therapist that he didn't know what to tell Logan when he asked why Clay was at the clinic; Millie suggests to Brooke that she bring in some live music to increase the cafe's clientele; Quinn reassures Jamie.

Too Little Too Late - Paul McLinden

Too Little Too Late

Paul McLinden

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Dan tells Julian he wants to rent the soundstage; Haley tells Brooke that Nathan is missing.

We Are the Tide - Blind Pilot

We Are the Tide

Blind Pilot

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Chris walks into Chris's apartment just as Tara heads off to have a shower; Clay shows Logan some X-Men comics.

After Thought - Company Of Thieves

After Thought

Company Of Thieves

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Jamie tells Haley that he's sure Nathan will be okay; Dan & Julian discover that the investor didn't take Nathan; Nathan's captors argue over what to do.

Prince Of Nothing Charming - Tyler Hilton

Prince Of Nothing Charming

Tyler Hilton

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Quinn & Clay's therapist tell him they have to work on his problem before anything else; Chris performs at Karen's Cafe.

Hourglass - Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors

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Logan asks Clay if they can read more X-Men comics; Dan drops Julian off at the cafe; Mouth gives Dan a lead on where Nathan may have gone in Europe; Haley realizes that Lydia has started walking.

Hear the Bells - Vanessa Carlton

Hear the Bells

Vanessa Carlton

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Tara asks Brooke where Chris & Chase went; Mouth works late searching for a lead on Nathan.



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