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Episode 11

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Season 9

Episode 11 • Danny Boy

Never Let Me Go

Florence + the Machine

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Julian rushes Dan & Nathan to the hospital in a police car; Brooke talks to a cop about Xavier & overhears Julian radioing the hospital; Haley is reunited with Nathan.

Vice Verses


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Clay tells Nathan about Logan; Haley asks Quinn about Logan then congratulates Clay on discovering he's a father; Brooke shows her father some designs; Nathan tells Haley the thought of her is what kept him going during the kidnapping.

Stay By Your Side


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Haley thanks Julian for his help in saving Nathan; Quinn informs Clay that Nathan was found; Brooke's father shows up on her doorstep; the doctor tells Nathan & Haley that there's nothing they can do for Dan just as Jamie & Deb arrive.

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Haley explains to Jamie about what happened to Nathan & Dan; Nathan tells Dan that he has friends & family that want to visit him.

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Dan tells Deb to stop blaming herself for Keith's death; Nathan asks Haley how she survived the death of her parents.

The Best Thing


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Julian starts reading Dan's copy of Lucas' book; clay watches Nathan & Jamie play checkers; Julian informs Brooke & her father than he wants 'An Unkindness Of Ravens' to be his next project; Clay tries to convince Sarah's father to let him be a father to Logan.

Goodbye Goodbye...

Michael Logen

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Haley takes Lydia to visit Dan and tells him that Lucas is not coming; Dan apologizes to Haley for taking Keith from her; Jamie tells Dan he doesn't want him to go.

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Dan tells Nathan why he killed Keith; Nathan tells Dan that he wouldn't have the life he does without him & that he's still his father.

Us Against The World


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Dan dies; Dan apologizes to Keith in the afterlife.


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