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One Tree Hill Soundtrack [2003]

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Episode 12

Episode 12 • Anyone Who Had A Heart

Gonna Be Happy

Cathy Heller

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Brooke give Julian her diary from high school to help him with his script; Haley tells Chase she's really proud of how he stood up for Chuck.

The Day Is Long, The Night Is Young - Trent Dabbs

The Day Is Long, The Night Is Young

Trent Dabbs

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Julian practices his sales pitch on Brooke, then he sells Brooke as the main character in the tv series; Brooke complains to Victoria about her father; Haley works on a speech for the Burning Boat Festival.

Out Of The Storm - Green River Ordinance

Out Of The Storm

Green River Ordinance

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Quinn & Clay reassure Logan that the ocean won't swallow him up, then set him up with a tent to sleep in; Haley finds a TRIC CD in Skills' collection; Brooke's parents tells her that they want to run Baker Man with her.

Empty Threat - Kathleen Edwards

Empty Threat

Kathleen Edwards

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Brooke tells Julian that she loves his script; Chase tells Haley he's feeling better about TRIC; Quinn uses ice cream to bribe Logan into going in the ocean.

Feeling of Being - Lucy Schwartz

Feeling of Being

Lucy Schwartz

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Clay & Quinn show Logan his room; Julian reads Brooke's diary; flashback to Brooke hearing her parents fighting.

Protecting God - Eastern Block

Protecting God

Eastern Block

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Chase deletes photos of his ex-girlfriends; Mouth gives Kylie advice for her co-worker audtion; Clay tries to take Logan for a walk in the surf.

Everything Is Brilliant - Rosi Golan

Everything Is Brilliant

Rosi Golan

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Skills does his first broadcast as Millie's co-anchor; Chase & Chuck add their stuff to the boat; Brooke adds her diary to the boat; Clay & Quinn tell Logan how brave they think he was for going into the ocean.

Gimme Sunshine

Ryan Adams

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Brooke takes Haley lunch & they talk about Nathan's return & Brooke's parents.

Morning Light - Jonathan Jones

Morning Light

Jonathan Jones

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Julian shows Brooke his plan for the tv series sets.

Free Like You Make Me - Cary Brothers

Free Like You Make Me

Cary Brothers

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Haley opens the Burning Boat Festival with a speech, then ignites the boat; Mouth thanks Millie for her support; Haley tells Chase that Karen's willing to sell him TRIC; Clay asks Quinn to marry him; Brooke tells her parents she's giving them another chance.


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