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Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack

7 Seasons

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  • Christopher Molleremusic supervisor

Complete List of Songs

  • True You Are Cruel Is Love
    Naked Hearts
    Ellie asks Aria how Spencer's doing after Toby's accident and where she's going on her date with Holden.
    Tom Andrew
  • I Will Let You Go
    Daniel Ahearn
    Aria waits in Rittenhouse Square for Ezra; Emily lets Spencer know she did what she asked; Ezra listens to Aria's message.
    Tom Andrew
  • Peter Bradley Adams
    Hanna asks her mom if she ever kept secrets from her dad.
    Tom Andrew
  • My Heart With You
    The Rescues
    Toby watches Wren; Ezra arrives and kisses Aria in the rain.
    Tom Andrew


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