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Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack

7 Seasons

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  • Christopher Molleremusic supervisor

Complete List of Songs

  • Trent Dabbs
    Emily tells Hanna that the Sherriff plans to drag the lake for Lucas' body.
    Tom Andrew
  • As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating
    Jenny and Tyler
    Aria is informed that Ezra left 10 minutes into the show; Ashley asks Hanna if she's okay; Hanna leaves Caleb a message asking him to let her know he's okay.the show
    Tom Andrew
  • Fairy Tale
    Mimi and Teft
    While waiting in line, Maya admits to Emily she hooked up with someone while they were apart.
    Tom Andrew
  • Boomerangs and Seesaws
    Shannon Curtis
    Holden asks Aria if she wants to get a coffee then comments on her having a relationship with Ezra.
    Tom Andrew


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