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Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 9

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Season 6

Episode 9 • Last Dance

The Fold - Ivan & Alyosha

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Spencer has Lorenzo meet her at The Brew to try to convince him to give Allison another chance.

Den Of Lions - Ourlives

Den Of Lions


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Ezra overhears as Aria leaves Clark a message; Ella arrives at The Brew to inform Aria that she won the photo contest; Ezra offers to come to the 'barn prom'.

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The girls take 'prom' pictures; Hanna asks Toby if he knows what Caleb is up to; the girls' moms discuss how screwed up Allison's family is; Aria comments on Allison's absence.

Terrible Thing

AG & Brad Gordon

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At The Brew, the girls commiserate over their being barred from prom and graduation.

Burning Like Fire - Claire Guerreso

Burning Like Fire

Claire Guerreso

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Veronica tells the ladies about her bad memories of her neighbours.

Midnight Movies - Saint Motel

Midnight Movies

Saint Motel

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The group checks out pictures from the school prom and notice one with Allison in the background.

My Type - Saint Motel

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The girls arrive at the school prom; Aria asks Clark why he's at the prom.

Disturbia - Rihanna



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Clark takes pictures at the school prom and sees Allison arrive.

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Allison grabs a glass of punch; Aria and Ezra dance while keeping an eye on Allison and Clark; Toby and Spencer dance as they talk about her graduation speech; Emily and Sara dance closer; Ezra informs Aria he's going to Thailand with the habitat group.

Funn - Cash+David

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Spencer tries to convince Allison not to meet up with Charles.

Scream It Loud - Vassy

Scream It Loud


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The girls catch up with Allison; Emily spots Sara at the prom and leaves the group to talk with her.

Calling Me - Aquilo

Calling Me


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Hanna confronts Caleb about his lies, but he convinces her to dance first.

Holy Dove - Civil Twilight

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Aria confronts Clark about being at the old doll factory, but then she is told to leave; the girls just miss catching up to Allison.

Hunted - Ag + Silver

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The girls find Allison's phone; Allison pleads with Charles to talk to her.




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Caleb tells Hanna he was in New York to get a job, so they can move there together.

Ooo My My My

Mary Jane Fonda

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Clark follows Allison as she leaves the dance with the girls just behind her; the group confronts Clark, who reveals he's a police officer.

Watch Out, Here I Come


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Charles grabs Allison in a room of mirrors; the group splits up to search for Allison.


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