Civil Twilight - List of Songs

Has 31 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Magicians - Poster
Kady and Harriet strike a bargain to rob the library in lieu of Harriet and her group helping Penny.
Ransom - Poster
Final song as the gamers are reunited with their loved ones.
Wynonna Earp - Poster
Doc Holliday introduces himself to Wynonna and offers her his assistance.
Shadowhunters - Poster
Jace sends Clary off to flirt with a vampire.
Quantico - Poster
Miranda is confronted by her annoyed son.
Killjoys - Poster
D'avin gets into a fight with a guy he's trying to arrest, then comments on Alvis's weapon stash.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Aria confronts Clark about being at the old doll factory, but then she is told to leave; the girls just miss catching up to Allison.
Killjoys - Poster
Company soldiers search citizens in Westerly-Old Town; Dutch complains to bartender Pree that Johnny is lying to her.
Arrow - Poster
Laurel looks at Sara's jacket; Diggle looks in on his daughter, Sara; Roy looks at a photo of Thea and himself; Felicity goes to see Ray.
Witches Of East End - Poster
Eva shows up at the bar and asks Killian's opinion on a fold-out couch.
Star-Crossed - Poster
A young Emery gives food & blankets to a young Roman, then tries to teach him cat's cradle.
Star-Crossed - Poster
Roman & Emery almost kiss before being interrupted by a call from her mom.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Alison looks at the remaining money in her wallet then gets on a bus.
Defiance - Poster
The Defiance citizens bury the victims of the Volge attack; Rafe searches Luke's room; Datak kills Elah Bandik, then the body is left at the Lawkeepers office.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Hanna & Caleb talk wait for Jamie to arrive.
Arrow - Poster
Tommy shows up at Laurel's apartment with dinner, then asks her out on a date.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Hanna & Spencer discuss how nice Paige is being to them.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
Rebekah arrives home the next morning (after sleeping with Damon) and talks with Kol & Klaus
Parenthood - Poster
Crosby and Jasmine talk about what happened.
I Am Number Four - Poster
End of the movie as they all drive away. First song during end credits.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nate tells Haley that he lost his job; Alex tries to convince Julian she's not lyring; Millie takes cocaine; Brooke locks Julian out of her room; Rachel visits the high school; Nate confronts Clay.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Quentin's funeral; Dan asks Carrie about her son.
House M.D. - Poster
House tells Cate about her broken toe.