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Private Practice - S4E3 Soundtrack

Playing God

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Complete List of Songs

  • Four DreamsJesca Hoop
    Jesca Hoop
    Addison & Sam jog while talking about Naomi being okay with them being together; Cooper & Charlotte start their day, then he sees a messge on her phone from a realtor; Amelia runs to catch the elevator.
  • When The Hurricane Blows ThroughEpicure
    Addison asks Sam why he stopped doing heart surgery; flashback of Sam letting the pedophile teacher die in surgery.
  • Sea Of LoveCat Power
    Cat Power
    Cooper & Charlotte work on making a new memory in the bedroom; Naomi asks Addison to have Sam check on Maya & the baby while she is gone on foundation business, then she reveals that Sam never told her what happened when he quit surgery; flashback to Sam telling Naomi he lost the patient.


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