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Private Practice - S4E4 Soundtrack

A Better Place To Be

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Complete List of Songs

  • Holding OnDavid Gray
    David Gray
    Amelia asks Addison what the option of having kids is worth to her; Cooper talks to Violet about adopting Betsey;
  • Severus And StoneBen Cooper
    Ben Cooper
    Steven tells Pete how Elena changed after they met; Cooper talks to Charlotte about Kenny, Betsey & adoption; Addison & Amelia tell Steven & Pete that the surgery went well; Kenny's mother informs Cooper that Kenny tried to kill himself.
  • The ShameAlex Cornish
    Alex Cornish
    Violet asks the group if anyone is willing to take Betsey, but no one answers; Violet tells Betsey that she hopes she will find a new family; Violet tells the group they did a bad thing in not taking Betsey in.


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