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When I'm Gone - The White Buffalo

When I'm Gone

The White Buffalo

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Bones -  poster

Bones • s12e4




No one give a shit about the way I walk I don't mix my words it's just the way I talk I got a pistol in my pocket and one black eye I say forget these motherfuckers, let's go get high Ooh, maybe I should do right But I feel like doin' wrong When I'm gone I got a pretty little woman gonna make her my wife Gonna start myself a family, make a brand new life Ooh and maybe they'll realize that I'm able and I'm strong When I'm gone Maybe they'll forgive me Beg, boy, just come on home When I'm gone I got a baby on the way and I can't provide You can't live on love, you can't live on pride I come to realize, well it's harder than I thought When I'm gone I could feel it closing in on me I got to be all I can be In this life there ain't no guarantee You don't get no shit for free Well you get it on your own and you bring it home When I'm gone So I'll go and join the army, gonna walk that line A desperate decision for a desperate time Ooh and maybe they'll realize that I was worth my salt When I'm gone Darling, I know you'll miss me We'll just have to stay strong When I'm gone When I'm gone When I'm gone When I'm gone

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