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Wish It Was True - The White Buffalo

Wish It Was True

The White Buffalo

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The Punisher -  poster

The Punisher • s1e3




Mother, I tried to do right by you To do what you asked me to I did wrong and I knew Mother I tried to behave for you Now I'm a digging a grave for you It was all I could do Find a way back home, make everything new But I wish it was true Father, well I'll give my soul to you I came in blind folded for you It was all that I knew Open your arms and I'll fly out of hell up to you I wish it was true Boy come on out from the cold Your lost outside there don't you know It's not what you say it was you do Just keep wishing your wishes are true Well your dreams there reality There's no pain there's no misery Just polish the blood and the bruise For there's just no way you can lose But I wish it was true Country, I was a solider for you I did what you asked me to It was wrong and you knew Country, now I'm just a stranger to you A number, a name it's true Throw me away when you're through Home of the brave and the free, the red white and blue But I wish it was true

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