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Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes

Sound & Color

Alabama Shakes

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A new world hangs Outside the window Beautiful and strange It must mean I've fallen away I must be Sound and color With me, for my mind And the ship shows me where to go When I needn't speak Now, far down Now, far down Now, far now Far, far now Far, far, far, far, far Far, far, far, far out Sound and color With me, in my mind (Sound and color) Try to keep yourself awake (Sound and color) This life ain't like it was (Sound and color) I wanna touch a human being (Sound and color) I want to go back to sleep (Sound and color) Ain't life just awfully strange? I wish I never gave it all away (Sound and color) No more, to see the setting of the sun (Sound and color) Life in... (Sound and color) Life in... (Sound and color) Life in... (Sound and color) (Sound and color) (Sound and color)

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