Alabama Shakes - List of Songs

Has 42 songs in the following movies and television shows

9-1-1 Lone Star - Poster
As everyone prepares to hit down for dinner at the station TK arrives, they celebrate his return.
Midnight, Texas - Poster
Creek gets dressed, kisses Manfred and tells him she's late for dinner and needs to leave; Creek refuses Manfred's offer to walk her home.
Everything, Everything - Poster
When Maddy left her house again for good and was observing the environment
Big Little Lies - Poster
Song as Madeline drives and recounts various memories of the accident.
Big Little Lies - Poster
First song after Madeline watches her daughter move out. She listens to it in the car.
Hooten & The Lady - Poster
Alex joins Edward on the beach, where they are married; Hooten ponders his bottle of whiskey, then throws it into the ocean and walks off.
The Catch - Poster
Alice fills Dao in on Princess Zara and how her association with Ben has made her easier to access information on.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Spencer wakes up in bed with Caleb, then gets up to make coffee and finds a bunch of messages on her phone.
Transparent - Poster
Final song as Leslie goes to bed, leaving Ali on her couch with her cats. Josh arrives home to find Raquel gone.
Quantico - Poster
Hand to hand combat; Miranda tells the recruits to change to two-on-one fighting.
Quantico - Poster
Alex finds Simon packing up his stuff; Natalie shows off a picture of her daughter; Caleb consoles Shelby over her betrayal; Raina refuses to speak with Simon as he leaves.
Mr. Robot - Poster
Elliot is told by Mr. Robot to go back to his apartment, and watch the destruction he has caused. As he does, someone knocks at his door and he answers. Cut to credits.
True Blood - Poster
Final song over end credits.
True Blood - Poster
Emory and Suzanne visit Sam.
Private Practice - Poster
Scott & Violet have sex; Sam gets an urgent phone call then heads to a police station; Addison tells her therapist she likes to know what's coming.
Revenge - Poster
At Stowaway, Nolan is talking to Jack about Amanda.