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Bad Luck

Dinah Washington

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Can You Ever Forgive Me? - poster

Can You Ever Forgive Me?




I'm used to misfortune, baby Used to the bitter end I'm used to trial and troubles 'Cause I never had a friend--bad luck Well, well, bad luck Well, I'm used to trial and troubles Bad luck don't bother me I'm used to takin' beatings Used to being alone Used to be mistreated With nobody to call my own--bad luck Lord, lord, lord, lord, bad luck Yes, I'm used to being mistreated Bad luck don't bother me I'm used to being broke Used to being sad I'm used to lousy people And I'm used to being mad A bad luck, yeah, yeah, yeah, bad luck Oh, bad luck and lousy people No, no, no, they don't bother me I've been takin' for a fool Been takin' for a square Been used for a tool And I've been told that I'm nowhere Bad luck, oh, oh, bad luck, yeah, yeah, bad luck, bad luck No, no, it don't bother me Right now I'm just a cool little fool And bad luck don't bother me

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