Dinah Washington - List of Songs

Has 28 songs in the following movies and television shows

Julia - Poster
Julia brings home a television set before her pilot broadcast for Paul to watch it on.
Waves - Poster
Catharine sings this in the car. It is also heard at the diner where the Williams family eats in one scene.
Watchmen - Poster
Adrian and his servants make a toast to the play he's writing; while having dinner with Angela's family, Judd steps away from the table to snort some drugs.
Going In Style - Poster
Joe, Willie, and Albert dance at the wedding. Al talks about being happy to Joe and Willie on the bridge at the wedding reception.
Chance - Poster
Song is playing while Chance describes his patient Dr. Kushel.
Take the Lead - Poster
Ramos plays this song during detention and asks Pierre if this is what he thinks about love.
Donnie Brasco - Poster
First song during opening credits.
The Cable Guy - Poster
Plays as Steven is moving into his new apartment and waiting for the cable guy.
Casino - Poster
Ace takes ginger to their new home after getting married.