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Dying to be Born - Civil Twilight

Dying to be Born

Civil Twilight

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Heard in the following movies & TV shows

The Vampire Diaries -  poster

The Vampire Diaries • s3e19




Hey Mister Jagger man, you couldn't get no satisfaction You're still preaching to the choir but the choir's still not listening So we moved this party from the city to the suburbs We threw away the feeling, we threw away the meaning to the sayings and the proverbs Even on this dance floor Our bodies wet and warm We're still dying to get out We're still dying to be born My love for you baby is a page that's torn One half is the night, the other half is the morn And even when it's just you and I, you and I riding into the heart of the storm I'm still looking for a new face, looking for a new place, looking for something more Cause even when I'm in you Your liquid love so warm I'm still dying to get out I'm still dying to be born Ready for you now I think I'm ready for you now But even when I've got everything I want and more I'm still dying for something else I'm still dying to be born I'm dying to be born

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