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How Can Love Survive - Richard Rodgers

How Can Love Survive

Richard Rodgers

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No little shack do you share with me, We do not flee from the mortgagee, Nary a care in the world have we, How can love survive? You're fond of bonds and you own a lot. I have a plane and a diesel yacht, Plenty of nothing you haven't got How can love survive? No rides for us on the top of a bus In the face of the freezing breezes. You reach your goals in your comfy old Rolls Or in one of your Mercedes! Far, very far off the beam are we, Quaint and bizarre as a team are we, Two millionaires with a dream are we, We're keeping romance alive. Two millionaires with a dream are we, We'll make our love survive No little cold water flat have we, Warmed by a glow of insolvency, Up to your necks in security. How can love survive? How can I show what I feel for you? I cannot go out and steal for you, I cannot die like Camille for you. How can love survive? You millionaires with financial affairs Are too busy for simple pleasure. When you are poor it is toujours l'amour, For l'amour all the poor have leisure! Caught in our gold plated chains are we, Lost in our wealthy domains are we, Trapped by our capital gains are we, But we'll keep romance alive. Trapped by your capital gains are we, We'll (You'll) make our (your) love survive!

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