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What's a boy to do? When you tell your tale And it never fails I just end up feeling bad for you. With your hang-dog eyes You can bring me down Now I'm wrapped around your whole hand Stop looking so surprised. You make it easy (Easy) Make it easy (Easy) I've been burned before You're not fooling me There's no mystery You've forgotten what you're hiding for. Call it self defense You can obfuscate And manipulate But it's only at your own expense. You make it easy (Easy) Make it easy (Easy) Make it easy (Easy) Make it easy (Easy) Easy to be with you Easy to obey Easy to forgive you at the end of the day Easy now to judge you Easy to betray Easy to adore you though you want to run away. It's easy Look what you have done I can do the same Two can play this game You'll no longer be the only one. You make it easy (Easy) Make it easy (Easy) Make it easy (Easy) Easy (Easy)

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