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Build. Destroy. Rebuild.

Hanni El Khatib

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Heard in the following movies & TV shows

House M.D. • s8e3




Ain't no future, neither you No one can just, fit your crew Just I'm the best, that you'll knew Come so right, tell what you do Gotta build, and destroy Then rebuild, and destroy Gotta build build build, and destroy And rebuild, and destroy Wooh Yeah Oh hey mama, please don't cry Climb up once, you're gonna like Yeah sometimes, you're gonna make you sick Just close your eyes, and you won't see a thing Oh build, and destroy And rebuild, and then destroy Oh I know build build build, destroy And rebuild, and destroy Oh wait, please stop It's time I say wait wait wait, no please don't hide C'mon wait Say build build build Oh I say build build build C'mon mama build build build then destroy Oh build build build and then destroy Build build, destroy Oh oh rebuild, destroy Oh build, and destroy And build build build oh then destroy Aaah aaah aaah aaah Destroy

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