Heart of a Dog - The Kills

Heart of a Dog

The Kills

2 credits

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From sea to mountain valley From flesh to palms a swaying Dreamers dreaming on No matter what they're saying (oh) I need you Don't ask me why it is I want strings attached Unnatural as it feels I'm loyal, oh oh, I'm loyal From starry eyes colliding From Mars to someone crying I'm never far away No matter what I'm hiding I get lost But I always come around It's a strange fear Allows me to be found I'm loyal, oh oh, I'm loyal I'm loyal, oh oh I got the heart of a dog Yeah It's life or death why I chew through the chain It don't matter my love's the same Go so far but never long Can't break the spell in my heart I'm loyal, oh oh, I'm loyal I'm loyal, oh oh I got the heart of a dog From bars to beds of laying From boots of lead to changing I'm hooked from deep inside Call when you're ready 'cause I'm ready to ride I'm loyal, oh oh I'm loyal, oh oh I got the heart of a dog

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