• Charlie's Angels Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 3rd 2000
  • Composer Ed Shearmur
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Complete List of Songs

Money (That's What I Want)
Alex wins a concours tournament
Dylan smokes in the WC
0:03 Dylan pushes the suicide bomber out of the plane
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
0:05 Natalie learns to drive
Charlie's Angels 2000
0:06 Opening titles. Angels are introduced
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
0:08 Natalie dreams of dancing
Turning Japanese
0:15 Angels feel out Corwin at Madame Wong\'s House of Blossoms
Smack My Bitch Up
0:23 Angels run after Thin Man and fight with him
0:36 Alex is playing a bitch :)
0:43 Song when Dylan and Eric are together
Baby Got Back
0:46 Natalie dances on stage
Got To Give It Up
0:54 Dylan gets cornered by Vivian and Eric. He shoots her out of the window
Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)
1:04 Chad sings this song while sailing the Angels to Eric's castle
1:05 Eric is dancing to this song in the castle/tower with his can of coke
1:12 Natalie fights with Vivian, and Alex with Thin Man
1:17 Dylan (as she promised) moonwalks out of the room while 5 guys lie the floor
1:19 Angels chase Eric's chopper
All the Small Things
1:26 Closing credits
Angel of the Morning
Dylan leaves Chad's boat after getting called in by Charlie.
Undercover Angel
Principle of Lust
Independent Women Part I
The Angels go through a drive through. Also 2nd song in end credits.
Twiggy Twiggy
Groove Is In The Heart
Zendeko Hachijo
Another Town
Angel's Eye
Natalie chases the Thin Man on the racetrack.
When Angels Yodel
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
The scene where we see Jason at this tavern with a girl, she gets shot, but then we find out he's on a movie set shooting a scene.
Tangerine Speedo
Vivian and Bosely are kissing on the couch. Also plays in end credits.
Miama Vice Theme
Leave U Far Behind (V2 Instrumental Mix)
The Angels arrive at Knox's fortress.
Dylan fights off Knox's henchmen.
The Kettle
Let the Rhythm Pump
Sampled in "Ya Mama"

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