Charlie's Angels (2000) Soundtrack 

Original Music Ed Shearmur
Credited Songs 43 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Money (That's What I Want)    Flying Lizards
Alex wins a concours tournament   
I Love Rock N' Roll    1 Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
Dylan smokes in the WC   
Live Wire    Mötley Crüe
0:03 Dylan pushes the suicide bomber out of the plane   
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go    Wham!
0:05 Natalie learns to drive   
Charlie's Angels 2000    Apollo 440
0:06 Opening titles. Angels are introduced   
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel    Tavares
0:08 Natalie dreams of dancing   
Turning Japanese    The Vapors
0:15 Angels feel out Corwin at Madame Wong\'s House of Blossoms   
Smack My Bitch Up    The Prodigy
0:23 Angels run after Thin Man and fight with him   
Barracuda    Heart
0:36 Alex is playing a bitch :)   
True    Spandau Ballet
0:43 Song when Dylan and Eric are together   
Baby Got Back    Sir Mix A Lot
0:46 Natalie dances on stage   
Got To Give It Up    Marvin Gaye
0:54 Dylan gets cornered by Vivian and Eric. He shoots her out of the window   
Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)    Looking Glass
1:04 Chad sings this song while sailing the Angels to Eric's castle   
Simon Says    Pharoahe Monch
1:05 Eric is dancing to this song in the castle/tower with his can of coke   
Skullsplitter    Hednoize
1:12 Natalie fights with Vivian, and Alex with Thin Man   
Billie Jean    Michael Jackson
1:17 Dylan (as she promised) moonwalks out of the room while 5 guys lie the floor   
Ya Mama    Fatboy Slim
1:19 Angels chase Eric's chopper   
All the Small Things    Blink 182
1:26 Closing credits   
Angel    Rod Stewart
Blind    Korn
Angel of the Morning    Juice Newton
Dylan leaves Chad's boat after getting called in by Charlie.   
Undercover Angel    Alan O'Day
Principle of Lust    Enigma
Independent Women Part I    Destiny's Child
The Angels go through a drive through. Also 2nd song in end credits.   
Twiggy Twiggy    Pizzicato Five
Groove Is In The Heart    Deee-Lite
Sukiyaki    Kyu Sakamoto
Zendeko Hachijo    Zenshuji Zendeko
Another Town    Transister
Green Peppers    Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass
Angel's Eye    Aerosmith
Natalie chases the Thin Man on the racetrack.   
Belly    Nomad
When Angels Yodel    Frank Marocco
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing    Leo Sayer
The scene where we see Jason at this tavern with a girl, she gets shot, but then we find out he's on a movie set shooting a scene.   
The Humpty Dance    Digital Underground
Tangerine Speedo    Caviar
Vivian and Bosely are kissing on the couch. Also plays in end credits.   
Dot    Destiny's Child
Miama Vice Theme    Jan Hammer
Leave U Far Behind (V2 Instrumental Mix)    Lunatic Calm
The Angels arrive at Knox's fortress.   
Song 2    Blur
Dylan fights off Knox's henchmen.   
The Kettle    Colosseum
Let the Rhythm Pump    Doug Lazy
Sampled in "Ya Mama"   

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