• Step Up 3 Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 5th 2010
  • Composer Bear McCreary
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Complete List of Songs

No Te Quiero (Remix) [feat. Pitbull]
0:01 At the train station as they say goodbye to Natalie. Natalie and Luke and Moose and Camille kiss.
Already Taken
0:02 Plays after the Pirates win the world jam.
Whachadoin? (feat. Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santigold & Nick Zinner)
0:03 First song during the dance off in the park at college with Moose
I Can Be a Freak
0:05 Luke and Moose run from the cops after the first dance off.
This Instant (feat. T-Pain)
0:06 Luke and Natalie kiss for the first time
Empire State of Mind
0:08 Luke takes Moose driving through New York at night.
0:09 Luke takes Moose to the Vault. He is welcomed by all the dancers.
Take Your Shirt Off
0:12 Luke brings Moose downstairs to the vault club.
0:13 Second song playing in the Vault club. Luke is video recording all the dancers. Luke follows Natalie through the lights.
When You Hear the Bassline (feat. Ms. Thing)
0:14 During the bathroom dance off. The samurai wants a rematch, and they dance over the sinks and cubicles in the Vault bathroom and take him out onto the dancefloor.
0:19 Luke finds Natalie dancing and warming up in front of all the boom boxes.
0:20 Natalie and Luke are training on the roof by running parkour.
Fancy Footwork
0:24 During rehearsal/practice after they convince Moose to stay with the dance crew. They dance in a padded and jump into foam pits.
0:31 First song at jam battle site, teams are introduced.
Move (If You Wanna)
0:32 During the first dance at the battle. They use chalk dust with their moves
Tear Da Roof Off
0:33 Second dance as the response to the chalk dance.
0:34 Third song during the battle. Madd Chadd controls his dancers with his robot dance.
My Own Step [feat. Fabo]
0:40 Luke and Natalie are walking down the street with their giant 7-11 slurpee cups.
0:41 Luke takes Natalie up to the air vent and they blow there slurpee drinks into the air. They kiss.
0:45 World Jam Round 2. Dance battle against the asian team. Moose shows up on his bike.
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
0:48 After they win Round 2. Karaoke and guitar hero.
Bust Your Windows
0:56 Song playing during the tango.
Ease Off the Liquor
1:00 World Jam finals. Pirates second song.
1:04 After the team gets locked out of the world jam. Montage as all of them look disappointed.
I Won't Dance
1:07 Moose pays the Ice Cream truck man to turn this song up. He dances with Camille down the street.
1:11 Playing in the coffee shop. Moose tells Luke why he likes to dance.
1:15 Moose brings in the new dancers.
Club Can't Handle Me (feat. David Guetta)
1:16 The new crew shows off their dance moves to the jukebox music. They all rehearse together.
1:20 Introduction to the World Jam finals. First team is dancing.
1:23 At the world jam finals. The Pirates first song.
Let Me C It (feat. Petey Pablo)
1:24 World Jam finals. Samurais first song.
1:25 World Jam finals. Pirates third song.
Here I Come
1:25 World Jam finals. Samurai\'s second song.
1:26 World Jam finals. Samurais third song.
Work the Middle
1:27 World Jam finals. Pirates fourth song starts but Natalie runs on and starts fighting with Julianne.
Crush the Floor
1:29 First song when the Pirates dance with their neon lights on their clothes.
1:30 Second song while the Pirates are dancing with their neon lights on.
Shooting Star (feat. LMFAO, Pitbull & Kevin Rudolf)
1:31 Third song while the Pirates are dancing with their flashing lights on.
Got Your Back (feat. Keri Hilson)
1:32 Plays after the Pirates win the world jam.
1:34 During the final film clip of Moose. He's asking for a double major of engineering and dance.
What We Are Made Of
1:36 At the train station as they say goodbye to Natalie. Natalie and Luke and Moose and Camille kiss.
Shawty Got Moves
1:38 First song during end credits.
Drivin' Me Wild
1:41 Second song during end credits.

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