Elvis Costello & The Attractions - List of Songs

Has 15 songs in the following movies and television shows

Titans - Poster
Montage of Garth living at the Titans Tower and reading to Conner.
The Deuce - Poster
First song over main titles, opening credits.
The Deuce - Poster
Song over the Deuce opening credits, episode 1.
iZombie - Poster
Vivian is informed of Wally's death and goes to tell his teacher; Liz leaves Fillmore Graves after speaking with Vivian and sees Major running with the other guys.
Defiance - Poster
Nolan & Rafe make a toast to Gordon; Gordan returns home.
Parenthood - Poster
At Sarah's 40th birthday party.
The Invention of Lying - Poster
Montage as Mark starts helping people with his lies. He helps out a homeless man and a young couple.