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The Invention of Lying Soundtrack [2009]

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Do Anything You Wanna Do - Eddie and the Hot Rods

Do Anything You Wanna Do

Eddie and the Hot Rods


Mark (Gervais) and Greg (Louis C.K.) leave the bar to get money but are pulled over by a police officer (Edward Norton). Continues as they arrive at the casino.


Montage as Mark starts helping people with his lies. He helps out a homeless man and a young couple.

Catch the Wind - Donovan

Catch the Wind



Frank leaves the hospital after his mother dies. He sits on the couch with Anna (Garner) before driving home to find a crowd outside his house.

Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

1h 2m

Montage as newspapers show the 'man in the sky' headlines. Mark hands over another screenplay and continues to direct films.

Give a Little Bit - Supertramp

Give a Little Bit


1h 31m

Mark leaves the church as Anna and Brad get married. Continues as movie ends with Mark narrating while having dinner with Anna and his son.

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Tim Atack

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