Saturn Missiles - List of Songs

Has 18 songs in the following movies and television shows

Legends Of Tomorrow - Poster
1977 - Liverpool - Zari asks Constantine about his relationship with his mother, then he points out his father.
Under the Silver Lake - Poster
(1:42) Second song at the party, Sam talks to a woman.
Under the Silver Lake - Poster
Sam arrives at the Summertime Secret show entrance where the guard makes him eat the cookie.
Stitchers - Poster
Linus shows up at Cameron's apartment, tells him Theo stole all his stuff and asks if he can stay with him for awhile.
Haven - Poster
The band does a sound check as Greyson starts questioning Henry's fake world.
Star-Crossed - Poster
Emery comments on Grayson's parents, then tells him they need to get the video uploaded.
Melrose Place - Poster
Riley complains to Jonah about Ella's interference.
Eli Stone - Poster
Eli shows up at Nate's apartment.
Kyle XY - Poster
Jessi joins Kyle, Josh & Lori's planning session.
Kyle XY - Poster
Lori helps Declan 'move forward'.
Moonlight - Poster
Mick gets Leni a drink at the restaurant & he asks her what happend with Fayid.