Lizzo - List of Songs

Has 106 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Resident - Poster
Nolan shows Trevor and AJ a TikTok of himself and Dr. Chu doing a sing-a-long video.
Eternals - Poster
(Amazon Forest, Druig's commune) After explaining to Druig about the revelation of the Celestials, the truth nature and mission of the Eternals and the emergence, the group have a discussion in the compounds meeting house when Sersi's phone beings to ring from a call from Dane.
Ted Lasso - Poster
Keely’s photo shoot
NOS4A2 - Poster
Haverhill, MA - Maggie dances around in Tabitha's FBI jacket.
Stargirl - Poster
Courtney and Beth enter Cindy's house for the party, they split up to find Rick.
The Masked Singer - Poster
Kelly Osbourne talks about performing as Ladybug.
Katy Keene - Poster
Katy thanks Prince Errol for rallying Ginger/Jorge then asks him to dance.
A Million Little Things - Poster
Montage as Maggie attempts to find something nice to wear.
Stumptown - Poster
Ginger introduces Dex to her strip club 'Hold The Meat'.
Good Trouble - Poster
Davia dances around her room as he gets all dolled up.
Dare Me - Poster
Plays while the girls perform their halftime routine
Titans - Poster
Kory takes a guy up to her suite, where he suggests she's having a manic episode.
All American - Poster
Olivia searches for a bathroom; Simone tracks down Jordan and demands to talk with him.
The Masked Singer - Poster
Tree introduced; [0:93] repeats as Tree wins the vote.
Booksmart - Poster
First song from the red band trailer.
Booksmart - Poster
ms. fine walks in
Someone Great - Poster
Jenny is at home listining to this song when Erin comes in and starts dancing and singign along with Jenny givivng a grocery bag of drinks
The Bold Type - Poster
Jane in bed with Ryan; Sutton in the shower with Richard, when he asks her to move in.
All American - Poster
Olivia helps hand out water at the block party; Layla asks Spencer if he's getting any bad vibes from China; Chris introduces himself to Olivia.
Blockers - Poster
Lisa and Julie wake up. [1:34] End credits song.
Blockers - Poster
The girls arrive at the hotel.
Broad City - Poster
First song after the transition scene between Abbi and Ilana.