Ryan Adams - List of Songs

Has 59 songs in the following movies and television shows

Quantico - Poster
Clay asks Owen to fill him in on the team members; Ryan asks Alex how Harry took the news that Clay won't allow him on the team; Nimah accuses Dayana of hustling her; Shelby proposes a toast then comments on Alex's relationship with Ryan.
Quantico - Poster
The team goes to The Gold Leaf for drinks; Alex tells Ryan she didn't expect him to wait when she asked for more time; Shelby admits to Clay that she made up her boyfriend; Nimah challenges Clay to a game of darts; Owen and Harry arrives and sets up the rules for the darts game; Ryan gets a call from Sasha and sets up a dinner date.
Quantico - Poster
Defensive Tactics training; Alex asks Drew why he's not dressed for training; Shelby asks Caleb why he didn't stop by the night before; Liam tells Miranda he's not resigning; Ryan tells Alex about 'the sweet sixteen', then suggests they get together for drinks; Senator Haas is introduced to the class.
Quantico - Poster
Aftermath of Charlie's shooting; Caleb thanks Will for helping him finding Shelby, then Will asks about Caleb's alter ego; Shelby looks at a photo of her parents; Drew distracts Alex from her misery; Nimah tells Raina she prayed for her; Miranda and Liam wait for news on Charlie.
The Longest Ride - Poster
Sophie and Luke in the photobooth
Being Human - Poster
Cat comments on how Aidan looks proud of himself, then asks why Nora & Josh's wedding was so sudden; flashback to Aidan & his wife talking about the complications of his return.
This is 40 - Poster
Pete & Debbie go for a weekend away without the kids.
This is 40 - Poster
Pete and Debbie go and see live music at the end of the movie.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Brooke takes Haley lunch & they talk about Nathan's return & Brooke's parents.
Parenthood - Poster
Zoe wakes up at the Graham's house.
The Lying Game - Poster
Justin returns home to find Laurel setting up a romantic evening.
Bridesmaids - Poster
After Meghan tries to get Annie\'s life back on track. She starts cooking baked goods, gets her car fixed and bakes a cake for Officer Rhodes.
90210 - Poster
Ryan awakens to find Jen setting up their campsite; Jen tells Ryan that she's married.
Brothers And Sisters - Poster
Justin proposes to Rebecca infront of his family; David asks Holly is she's heard from Rebecca.
True Blood - Poster
Sam and Sookie are driving back from the pie restaurant.
Brothers And Sisters - Poster
Sarah finds out the truth about Greentopia.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Dan shoots Carrie; Samantha pays Brooke's tab; Millicent returns.
Hancock - Poster
Hancock has dinner with Ray and Mary as Ray tells the story of how he first met Mary.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Brooke fires Victoria; Haley phones Lucas; Peyton consoles Brooke.
Brothers And Sisters - Poster
Justin questions his brother about the affair.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Brooke gives Rachel her diploma; Lucas & Nathan decide to never visit Dan; Lucas reveals he will be Whitey's assistant coach.
Friday Night Lights - Poster
Tim picks a fight with the guy his dad hustled.
Bones - Poster
Booth consoles Brennan.
Accepted - Poster
The board passes their fake college as a temporary school
The O.C. - Poster
You first hear this song play during another party at Wes' house. Wes tells Marissa that he partied too hard during his freshman year causing his grades to suffer, and Marissa tells Wes how her family fell apart and that she got kicked out of school. This song plays for a second time when Marissa is at Volchok's apartment while he is asleep and sees that he rented "The Sound Of Music" DVD. Marissa then climbs into bed to cuddle with Volchok.
House M.D. - Poster
House gets out of bed.
Six Feet Under - Poster
Brenda visits her dealer to buy some pot.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Peyton & Nathan play pool; Lucas & Haley have a water balloon fight.
The O.C. - Poster
Song plays on Seth's record player as he dances with Summer on Valentine's Day, continues over Ryan and Marissa deciding the future of their relationship.
Scrubs - Poster
Elliot makes up her patient, and Cox opens up to Jack.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Brooke waits for Lucas on his porch.
Angel - Poster
At the end with Nina & Angel in the car. 
Smallville - Poster
Chloe & Clark talk at The Torch Office.
Roswell - Poster
Liz & Max talk about Liz going to Northwestern.