The Raveonettes - List of Songs

Has 25 songs in the following movies and television shows

Tone-deaf - Poster
First end credits song.
Molly's Game - Poster
Player X asks Molly to raise the stakes to a $50k buy-in and a 250/500 blinds.
American Honey - Poster
Pagan plays this song in the van as Jake and Star sit on top of the the van.
Lucifer - Poster
Maze knocks out a guy at Lux who was attempting to attack Lucifer, then Lucifer tells her he missed her.
True Detective - Poster
Song plays as Frank enters the club to speak to Danny.
Still Alice - Poster
Second song in the ice cream store as Alice sits and eats.
Arrow - Poster
Laurel & Tommy chat about their relationship.
The Secret Circle - Poster
Melissa meets with Callum to get more Devil's Sprit; Faye & Jake kiss; Adam opens a cupboard in the bar to find it filled with cookies; Lucy is killed by one of the witch hunters; Cassie uses the medallion to search for her father.
Ringer - Poster
Malcolm searches Charlie's jacket; Bridget goes to church; Malcolm looks at Charlie's mail.
Revenge - Poster
Declan gets beat up at the bar.
Drive Angry - Poster
Milton shoots everyone in his hotel room while he continues to have sex with the waitress.
The Last Song - Poster
Song when Will breaks Marcus off his friend at the carnival. Ronnie follows them and they sit around a fire.
The City - Poster
Whitney, Samantha & Roxy go to meet Zac at The Gates.
Whip It - Poster
Bliss and Oliver play marco polo while trying to find his car keys.
Spread - Poster
First song during the end credits.
Assassination of a High School President - Poster
Third song at the dance as the Principal (Bruce Willis) thanks Bobby for getting the test papers.
The O.C. - Poster
Ryan looks for Marissa at the diner but doesn't see her.