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Mean Girls (2004) Soundtrack

30 Apr 2004





Mean Girls, released on 30 Apr 2004, consists of a playlist of 47 credited songs, from various artists including Anjali Chatia, Boomkat and Love Unlimited Orchestr. The original score is composed by Rolfe Kent.

List of Songs

Misty CanyonAnjali Chatia
Rip Her To ShredsBoomkat
Love's ThemeLove Unlimited Orchestr
OverdriveKate Rose
The Mathlete RapRajiv Surendra
Jingle Bell RockJoe Beal & Jim Boothe
Pass That DutchMissy Elliott
Let Me Let GoDebi Nova
Fire (Yes, Yes Y\'all)Joe Budden & Busta Rhymes
God Is a DJPink
Put em' UpN.O.R.E.
Halcyon + On + OnOrbital
At SeventeenJanis Ian
Dancing With MyselfThe Donnas
RunGabriel Rene
Built This WaySamantha Ronson
HatedNikki Cleary
Psyche Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix)Pierre Henry
BeautifulDaniel Franzese
The Flying TV EpisodeFred Mollin
One Way Or AnotherBlondie
Jason and DadFred Mollin
SlowGabriel Rene and Gina Rene
Here I ComeJoe Faraci
Mean GurlGabriel Rene and Gina Rene

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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calliezo9 months ago
what song was playing around the 51 minute mark when Gretchen asks cady if ms norbury was a drug dealer, and tells her to write it in the burn book?
filterkkua year ago
what song was playing when cady was explaining to the girls that mrs norbury was a drug pusher?
guest2 years ago
What was the song when end credits were running, before Dancing With Myself ?
guest2 years ago
What’s the song when they have the four way call ?
guest2 years ago
What is the song that’s playing when Cady is telling the plastics about ms norbury saying she’s a pusger
guest3 years ago
What's that song when Cady finishes her speech at spring fling, then Mr Duvall says have a good time then a song starts playing?
guest3 years ago
what is the first song of the show?
guest3 years ago
What's that song in the background when Regina is kissing her boyfriend in bed and her mom walks in???
allie4 years ago
What is the song that Janis and Damian introduce Cady to the plastics
weilin985 years ago
What is the background music in the movie mean girl in the scene when Gretchen break down and tell Cady about Regina is cheating on Aaron?
weilin985 years ago
What is the sound track for four way phone call that Cady makes Gretchen and Karen turn against Regina?
kylie anderson6 years ago
What was that rap song when Cady was at her party she threw.

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