My Morning Jacket - List of Songs

Has 30 songs in the following movies and television shows

Superman & Lois - Poster
Montage as Lois makes an effort to make breakfast since John and Natalie's arrive when Clark arrives to the kitchen surprised at his wife cooking.
Big Little Lies - Poster
Final montage at the end of the episode.
Demolition - Poster
Davis recounts where she met Julia. Plays at other various times during flashbacks.
The Night Before - Poster
One year later, the friends and their loved ones spend Christmas together, and are revealed to be happy, and still friends. Isaac's baby cannot sleep, so the trio serenades her.
The Blacklist - Poster
The FBI invade the auction; Red tells Liz to never risk her life for him again.
Arrow - Poster
Flashback to the Sara coming home
Gossip Girl - Poster
Dan receives a printed copy of his book; Blair tells Louis that she's pregnant; Monkey comforts Chuck in his grief; Ivy tells Serena that her phone is missing.
The Secret Circle - Poster
The Circle gathers at the beach and binds their powers.
House M.D. - Poster
House prepares to attempt surgery on himself
He's Just Not That Into You - Poster
Neil picks up Ben at the grocery shops after speaking to Anna
Fringe - Poster
Peter phones Olivia about the 'Joe Smith experiment'.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Peyton & Lucas arrive at their hotel room.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Brooke tells Millie about Victoria's plans, then stops a shoplifter; Nate & Skills talk at practice.
Suits - Poster
Song at the basketball gym when Mike goes looking for Bradley.