Supertramp - List of Songs

Has 21 songs in the following movies and television shows

Cruella - Poster
Estella is born; Montage of Estella's life in primary school; Estella meets Anita Darling; Estella finds Buddy the dog.
The Morning Show - Poster
Song from the Morning Show trailer.
Chips - Poster
Castillo is drinking at the kitchen when he receives lewd texts by Lindsey.
Supernatural - Poster
Dean turns on the radio after telling Sam he'll 'carry him' through the trials; Castiel tucks away the tablet while riding a bus out of town.
Bones - Poster
The group watches a video of Colin playing a song for Miranda.
Fringe - Poster
Walter & Bellivia search for a suitable host for William; Peter & Lincoln research Dana Gray's life.
Freaks and Geeks - Poster
Last song as Lindsay leaves the Mathlete slumber party and rejoins the Freaks.
The Invention of Lying - Poster
Mark leaves the church as Anna and Brad get married. Continues as movie ends with Mark narrating while having dinner with Anna and his son.
The Office - Poster
Michael performs this song at Tobys goodbye party, he changes the lyrics to 'Goodbye Toby'
Magnolia - Poster
Donnie is chatting to a man at the bar about how he is "Quiz Kid Donnie Smith"
Magnolia - Poster
Donnie walks into the bar and starts watching the bartender, Brad
Superman - Poster
Song on the radio as Lois stops for gas at the station that explodes.