Classic - List of Songs

Has 25 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Finder - Poster
Isabel calls Walter to tell him they're raiding the shoe store.
Horrible Bosses - Poster
They all go back to see Motherfucking Jones at the bar for advice.
Vampires Suck - Poster
This song starts on the record player when Edward starts fighting the vampire. The crowd starts dancing.
Gossip Girl - Poster
Olivia tells Dan & Vanessa why she's doing the sequel.
Bones - Poster
Sweets & Hodgins discuss the murder.
Bones - Poster
C-Synch tries to convince Booth to book his acts.
Friday the 13th - Poster
They arrive at the house. Lawrence says he likes rap.
Supernatural - Poster
Dean & Agent Munroe follow Cara.
Fool's Gold - Poster
The guys are drinking at the Pelican Bar as they try to figure out where the treasure is hidden.