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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010) Soundtrack

2 Sep 2010





Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, released on 2 Sep 2010, consists of a playlist of 29 credited songs, from various artists including B.A.S.K.O., Brian Eno and Brian Eno. The original score is composed by Craig Armstrong.

List of Songs

Beatin' Down the BlockB.A.S.K.O.
HomeBrian Eno
Life Is LongBrian Eno
Reality CheckStigmato, Inc.
Strange OvertonesDavid Byrnes & Brian Eno
The Good, The Bad And The UglyEnnio Morricone
Sonata for Piano No. 8 Pathetique Adagio CantabileAlice Burla
BallCraig Armstrong
Cheek to CheekLondon Musicians Orchestra
Carousel WaltzLondon Musicians Orchestra
Puttin' On The Pin-stripe Suit AChris Walden
Two Latin LoversJohn Cacavas and Hal David
PassionataLondon Musicians Orchestra
My Big NurseBrian Eno
Ricochet!Shiny Toy Guns
DekhaAli Zafar and Baqir Abbas
Tiny ApocalypseDavid Byrne
LazyX-Press2 ft. David Byrne
I Feel My StuffBrian Eno
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)Talking Heads
I Be Doin' ItClassic
Diamond Belly ButtonSpeed Caravan
Is It Really PossibleWet Cookies
Sleeping UpDavid Byrne
Mnemonic DiscordanceDavid Byrne
Alright, Alright (Seaside Remix)Centric House
Relax and DanceGerd Kadenbach
I'm Out of HereDick Stephen Walter

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