Avril Lavigne - List of Songs

Has 27 songs in the following movies and television shows

Girls - Poster
Hanna and Jess talk over pudding before getting into a fight.
Alice in Wonderland - Poster
Song during end credits.
Fired Up! - Poster
The tigers are getting ready to perform at the competition. They are given new uniforms.
Fired Up! - Poster
The song the Tigers perform to at the cheerleading competition.
The House Bunny - Poster
The Zeta girls get a makeover courtesy of Shelley. Shelley also shows the girls how to flirt.
The Hills - Poster
Kim tells Heidi not to tell Spencer about Vegas.
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Clara plays this in her room when Rory visits Dean.
Scrubs - Poster
Turk apologizes; Todd and Dr. Kelso give in; Perry and Jordan are there for each other.
American Wedding - Poster
Played at the beginning of the engagement party scene
Bruce Almighty - Poster
When Bruce has called Grace and the devils daughter of a temptress walks in
Smallville - Poster
End of the episode when Clark and Lana are talking.
Smallville - Poster
Clark & Lana discuss the tape for Whitney at The Talon.