Coolio - List of Songs

Has 23 songs in the following movies and television shows

Raising Dion - Poster
Dion uses his powers to land a perfect skateboard jump.
Pain and Gain - Poster
They walk out of the gun store with their newly acquired weapons. Song continues as they talk about the plan.
Bad Teacher - Poster
Montage as Elizabeth starts ripping off the school to get money after her parent-teacher talks.
The Green Hornet - Poster
Britt and Cato sing this song in the car as they drive in their new pimped out car. They call Lenore (Cameron Diaz) to ask The Green Hornet should do next.
Angel - Poster
Gunn approaches the casino. 
Clueless - Poster
Elton nurses a concussed Tai back to health and asks her to dance with him.