Shawn Colvin - List of Songs

Has 17 songs in the following movies and television shows

iZombie - Poster
Liv's mom and brother head out of Seattle; the enraged zombies break out of the port-o-potties at the Pie Competition.
Twin Peaks (1990) - Poster
Cooper is driven out to the desert to meet with the Mitchum brothers.
Quantico - Poster
Nimah tells Léon he needs to give her more if he wants an immunity deal; Dayana tells Lydia she wants Léon gone; Alex talks to Owen about the AIC recruits.
Quantico - Poster
Léon blocks Shelby's number; Shelby admits to Nimah that she fell for Léon; Sebastian informs Harry that he told Carly the truth.
Serendipity - Poster
After Halley gives John the book with Sara's number in it. They get in the cab.
Roswell - Poster
Michael talks to Amy and uses his powers to fix the disposal.
Runaway Bride - Poster
Maggie is going for a ride with Ike while her father sleeps in her truck
The Big Lebowski - Poster
Closing credits after Dead Flowers.