The Black Angels - List of Songs

Has 37 songs in the following movies and television shows

Preacher - Poster
Jesse fights Jody on his way to Madame L'Angelle.
Animal Kingdom - Poster
Song at the bar as Craig and Deran chat.
Legion - Poster
Montage of David putting representatons of characters on a three dimensional landscape; scenes of the characters in real life where David placed them.
Lucifer - Poster
Maze uses Ella's stolen ID badge to access the precinct records room, then uses a hug to knock out a police officer.
Happy! - Poster
Nick and LaDick do cocaine as they ready for the next game to be dealt; the guys prod Nick on to continue with the game; Happy tells Nick the card in Dick's hand.
Training Day - Poster
Shootout scene in the abandoned building.
Tower - Poster
John and James witness the shooting at the university.
Covert Affairs - Poster
Annie, McQuaid & Belenko come across a message from the Russians.
Silicon Valley - Poster
Elrich sits in the desert high on mushrooms trying to think of company names.
Star-Crossed - Poster
Emery & Grayson check out a biker bar in their search for the Red Hawks that beat up the shop keeper.
Beauty And The Beast - Poster
Cat has a nightmare about Vincent.
Cult - Poster
Jeff tells Skye about a woman whose husband went missing in a similar fashion to Nate.
Nashville - Poster
Rayna meets with producer Liam McGuinnis, who refuses to work with her.
True Blood - Poster
Debbie and Alcide are in the woods.
Hall Pass - Poster
During the police car chase as Fred and Rick race to the hospital.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
When Rick goes in to the house full of vampires
Fringe - Poster
Christopher goes looking for another girl.
Bones - Poster
Booth & Brennan go looking for a dead body in the 'Dungeon Of 1000 Corpses'.