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Hall Pass Soundtrack

24 Feb 2011

7 liked songs • 216.9k views • composed by Rolfe Kent

Rick and Fred, two husbands who are having difficulty in their marriages, are given a Hall Pass by their wives: for one week, they can do whatever they want.

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    tomm09846588 points ago
    What is the first song?
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    KnowHopeLisa0 points ago
    Song when Farrelly Bros credit comes up? Right after Fred confesses and the credits start and before the Kathy Griffin bbq begins.
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    muneebhm95@gmail.com0 points ago
    What's the song when Rick is driving the babysitter home at the beginning of the movie? It starts when she opens the door for them when they come back home.
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    dpcingel50@gmail.com0 points ago
    Whst is the last song played during the credits
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