Slayer - List of Songs

Has 15 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Devil's Candy - Poster
Jesse arrives at the art museum.
Green Room - Poster
Trash metal that plays over the P.A, Pat goes to the green room to retrieve Sam's forgotten phone when he stumbles across a body girl named Emily brutally stabbed in her skull.
Sex Tape - Poster
Hank plays this screamo music in his house after Annie tries to distract him as Jay tries to find the iPad.
Sex Tape - Poster
Annie and Hank do cocaine.
Hellion - Poster
The boys are listening to this song around the fire.
Saw III - Poster
Decaying pig carcasses are dropped into a pool where a man is strapped down; the man almost drowns in pig guts
South Park - Poster
Cartman plays Slayer's "Raining Blood" on the PA system, because "hippies hate metal". This plan works, causing the crowd disperse quickly from the aggressive music
Bride Of Chucky - Poster
the second end credits song
Less Than Zero - Poster
A late night thunder storm crashes overhead as Blair and Clay race in the corvette to find Julian...after discovering he has stolen Clay's mom's jewelry.