Aimee Mann - List of Songs

Has 35 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Good Doctor - Poster
Aaron tells Shaun about his meningitis and surgery then gives him a hug.
Supergirl - Poster
Alex asks J'onn to give her away at her wedding; Kara takes out photo strip of herself and Mon-El, calls for herself to 'wake up' and move on then texts Lena; Kara meets up with everyone at the alien bar as they celebrate; Kara's dream of her mother turns darker.
The Edge of Seventeen - Poster
When Nadine is in her bedroom looking at Nick's Facebook profile.
Supergirl - Poster
Kara is watching the news in her outfit. She eats donuts depressingly at the peoples reaction to her return.
Community - Poster
Plays at the end of the episode when Troy leaves Greendale and his friends.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Lucas tells Nate what happened to Dan's heart; Dan leaves his house; Brooke apologizes to Sam.
Life - Poster
Crews & Reese investigate a death and inform the widows.
The Jane Austen Book Club - Poster
Prudie is contemplating have an affair with a student but stops at a traffic light and changes her mind.
Jersey Girl - Poster
Ollie just found out that he lost his wife: Gertie. He collapses and bursts out in tears on the hospital floor.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Poster
As Spike and the female vampire fight in the Bronze.
Magnolia - Poster
Jack pulls up in his police car in the rain, knocks on claudias door while she is doing cocaine
Magnolia - Poster
The camera is on Claudia and Jim is talking to her. She smiles :)
Magnolia - Poster
Plays after the intro, through the opening credits and into the short introduction of each character
Magnolia - Poster
The cast sing this song, one by one, during the rain.
Cruel Intentions - Poster
Annette is reading Sebastian's journal