The Blue Van - List of Songs

Has 14 songs in the following movies and television shows

Beauty And The Beast - Poster
Vincent goes to a bar to join Kane and his Graydal group; continues as Grace Rose is asking if anyone has seen Vincent just as the NYPD raids the bar.
21 And Over - Poster
They play beer pong with the serbians.
The First Time - Poster
First song during opening credits at the party.
Magic Mike - Poster
A fight erupts at the Sorority house after Adam gives one of the girls ecstasy.
American Reunion - Poster
Finch pulls up on his motorbike to meet the guys. First song at the bar.
Fright Night - Poster
Song back at Peter Vincent's apartment in LA. Charley is making out with Amy.
Hellcats - Poster
Lewis coaches the girls for their football game.
90210 - Poster
Naomi sends Ethan to talk to Liam.